Apr 4, 2023
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Gen-Z’s Media Revolution!

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When it comes to media consumption, Gen-Z has never been more connected. Their smartphones are constantly in their hands, allowing them to consume content across multiple platforms at once. They’re also more politically engaged than any other generation, with a strong focus on social justice and environmental issues. The Gen-Z generation is about to take over the world. They’re the first group of people to have a real impact on society and the economy. They’re the ones who are driving change in workplaces, schools, and media. And they’re starting to do it in ways that no one else has ever done before! They are passionate activists on many fronts, leading protests and developing apps to solve local problems like homelessness and hunger.

What is Gen-Z?

Gen Z, or iGen as they are called, is the cohort of consumers born between 1997 and 2012. This generation is the largest group to date, and it is the future of media consumption.

They are digital natives who have grown up with technology. They use the internet, mobile devices and social media to communicate, shop, study, socialize and work.

In the past few years, this generation has been making waves. According to a new study, Generation Z is consuming media in a way never seen before.

These consumers are tech-savvy, spontaneous, and emotionally intelligent. They have a strong sense of self-worth and are independent.

Their media habits vary, but social media and video are two key areas where they engage with content. YouTube and TikTok are top spots for them, but they also read the news and watch movies online.

Gen Z is also a generation of activists who are interested in global social changes. They are passionate about poverty reduction, clean water and racial/gender inequality.

How do they use media?

Gen Z uses media to be socially engaged, to have a voice and to make a difference. They value access to information from a young age and are passionate about global issues, including climate change, poverty reduction and clean water.

They also value authenticity and are looking for a brand that is authentically themselves and speaks to their values and beliefs. For example, they prefer to see ad campaigns that use real people’s experiences rather than baseless endorsements.

Gen Z uses their smartphones to consume a wide variety of content throughout their dayparts and is more likely to use social media than millennials. This all-day consumption provides entertainment brands with an opportunity to speak to Gen Z’s core motivators.

What are their media habits?

Unlike their older counterparts, Gen Z does not primarily watch television at home. Instead, they prefer video games and music.

In addition, they also consume a lot of content on their smartphones. They spend almost three hours a day on their smartphones consuming video, music, social media and gaming.

This is a trend that is reshaping the media landscape. Hollywood studios and broadcasters should take note of this.

One way to tap into Gen Z is by incorporating short video content into your marketing strategy. Whether it’s Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels, this is a great way to engage the attention of young consumers.

What are their media preferences?

When it comes to their media preferences, Gen Zers aren’t quite as devoted to traditional TV. Instead, they are embracing video content and live streaming.

As a result, brands looking to reach this demographic should consider focusing their efforts on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These highly visual platforms are perfect for creating bite-sized videos that will engage and inspire Gen Z.

The same goes for streaming services like Netflix, as 78% of Gen Zers regularly watch videos on the service. Moreover, YouTube is also very popular among Gen Zers and they spend about two hours a day watching video content on the platform.

On the news front, Gen Z primarily relies on social media to stay informed about breaking news. This is a stark contrast to millennials, who prefer news on networks or cable TV.

“Gen-Z’s Media Revolution!” explores the media habits of Generation Z and how they are shaping the future of media consumption. To understand this next generation of consumers even better, it’s essential to delve deeper into the characteristics of Gen Z. “The Rise of Gen Z – Understanding the Next Generation of Consumers” is an article that does just that. It examines the defining traits of Gen Z, such as their digital native status and their demand for authenticity and inclusivity. By reading this article, readers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the motivations and preferences that drive Gen Z’s media consumption habits, making it a valuable resource for those interested in staying ahead of the curve in media trends.

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