Feb 23, 2023
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The Rise of Gen Z – Understanding the Next Generation of Consumers

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Born roughly between 1995 and 2010, Gen Z is the next generation of consumers. The group currently accounts for nearly 68 million people in the US alone. As a luxury marketer, you need to understand what this generation is looking for. Understanding Gen Z can help you win their loyalty and set the standards for your brand. The generation that will soon make up the majority of the population is known as Gen Z. They are aged 15 to 24 years old, and they have come of age in a time where technology and social media have had a huge impact on their lives. They are more engaged with their surroundings than ever before, and they want to be able to do everything themselves. This has led to companies having to change how they operate in order to keep up with this new force.

What is Gen Z?

As the first generation that is a true digital native, Gen Z has been growing up in a world of fully connected technology since birth. They do not remember a time when they did not have access to smartphones and computers.

As the largest generation in US history, Gen Z is a diverse group that includes people from all backgrounds. As a result, they have a more progressive view on issues like Blacks and LGBTQ rights than previous generations.

Who is Gen Zers?

Gen Z is the demographic cohort that follows Millennials, which began in the mid-1990s and ends in 2012.

They are the first generation born into a world of peak technological innovation. Their reliance on technology and social media has both positive and negative effects.

For example, too much time spent online can lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

They’re also more likely than other generations to view climate change as a human problem. And they’re more politically progressive than Millennials, who generally lean more to the right.

What is Gen Z’s Education Trajectory?

Today’s college students are pursuing their education differently than their parents and grandparents. Instead of focusing on a broad curriculum, Gen Zers are looking for practical skills that will help them succeed in the workforce.

They’re also becoming more entrepreneurial and want to work in high-demand fields. While many Gen Zers continue to pursue a traditional four-year degree, they’re increasingly turning to alternatives like apprenticeships and trade schools for career training.

What is Gen Z’s Work Trajectory?

Gen Z is now working, and they expect their careers to go in a different direction than those of their parents. They want a career with personalized paths, chances to move up based on how well they do, and the freedom to move up quickly or slowly.

They’re also looking for a workplace that embraces technology. 81% of them prefer a hybrid model that combines remote and office work.

What is Gen Z’s Social Trajectory?

Gen Z is the generation that grew up in a world shaped by social media, smartphones, and apps. They’re early adopters and proponents of new technology and are often considered to be the most connected generation ever.

They’re also a more diverse generation than Millennials and are on the leading edge of America’s changing racial makeup. They’re also more progressive in their views about gender roles and same-sex marriage, and more willing to acknowledge racial, ethnic, and gender-based discrimination.

What is Gen Z’s Culture Trajectory?

Across the globe, Gen Z is a generation of social justice-driven activists and change-makers. They’re focused on the future and prepared to tackle issues like climate change, economic inequality, racism, and addiction head-on.

They believe in communities of interest and activism, valuing online social networks that connect people from diverse backgrounds to promote causes they care about. They’re also more likely than other generations to value the importance of racial and ethnic diversity in business.

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