We started this website because we were loved using – and were inspired – by Pinterest. But, as we all know, Pinterest is all about photos. So, we wanted to create a place where people could pin and go to find the best videos from the web.

We also started pinned.video because we were frustrated with the way other video sharing sites were organized. We wanted a place where we could easily find the best videos from around the web, without having to wade through a ton of bad ones first.

We think that videos are a great way to connect with people and to learn new things, and they are even more engaging than images. And that is according to science studies too, not just us!

“In simplest terms, videos are better at driving engagement than photos…”, as Promo.com also suggests.

We’re passionate about videos and we hope you’ll enjoy using our site as much as we enjoyed making it, and updating it regularly. Thanks for being here, and enjoy watching!