Nov 1, 2022
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The Rise of TikTok: What Does It Reveal About Generation Z?

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If you’ve been paying attention to the world of digital marketing, you’ve surely noticed the rise of TikTok. Among the most interesting things you’ll find about this social media platform is that Gen Zers want brands to be authentic. They also want content that has rich video formats. They also want instant gratification and want to build a following on the platform.

Gen Zers want brands to be more genuine

The Gen Z generation wants brands to be more genuine. They’re not shy about asking questions, and they don’t want brands to be too ‘pretend’. They’re more accepting of differences and don’t define themselves by one stereotype. Instead, they develop their identity over time, experimenting with various ways of being.

To make a lasting impression on this generation, brands need to be genuine and purposeful. They’ll appreciate ads with authentic, diverse individuals. These can be sourced through influencer marketing and user-generated content. Brands must learn more about the interests of Gen Zers and develop marketing strategies and messages that reflect their values.

Brands that are genuine and transparent to their consumers can gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Gen Z shoppers also expect brands to make their shopping experience more enjoyable. This means incorporating technology into the shopping experience.

They want content in rich video formats

The millennial generation is growing in size, and if you want to reach them, you need to understand how they view content. While you don’t need to create movie-quality content, you should consider how to make your video content relevant and engaging to this new generation. Gen Z is quick to call out any video that doesn’t feel genuine or reflects their own lives, so be sure to make your video content relatable and interesting.

Video content is key to Gen Z, which is why they prefer video platforms. Their mobile phones have high-quality cameras and they prefer streaming services that broadcast content. They see the online world as an extension of their own lives, so they prefer authentic, relatable content and videos with high production values.

While older generations prefer to read and receive emails, Gen Z prefers video content and interactions with brands. Videos are a great way to engage Gen Z and make your business memorable.

They want instant gratification

As a result, brands are looking for ways to appeal to Gen Zers on TikTok. According to Dretsch, a professor at the Poole College of Management, more Gen Zers are using the platform as a form of social media. Although most of them still prefer Instagram, 34% of Gen Zers say they prefer TikTok. While 14% prefer Twitter, only 12% of Gen Zers prefer Facebook. Brands are faced with temptations to build a TikTok feed or produce reels on Instagram.

In addition to a social media platform, TikTok has unique features that marketers can use to gain a deeper engagement from Gen Z. Since Gen Z has grown up in the digital age, they have new expectations in terms of content and entertainment. These expectations will shape how brands engage with Gen Z.

Gen Z values creativity, and TikTok helps them create 15-second videos with minimal effort. It provides visual and audio effects and music and allows users to add their own elements. This type of video content is perfect for Gen Z, as they are in the process of establishing their own personal identity. They are also curious about the world, and TikTok is an essential tool for exposing them to that world.

They want to build a following on TikTok

The new social media phenomenon TikTok is an ideal platform for the Gen Z generation. With an audience that’s more likely to spend time watching videos than reading long-form content, it’s a great way to build a following and reach new potential customers. Gen Z prefers content that’s real and raw. Gen Z’s affinity for video content makes it a great way to promote eye-catching campaigns.

For example, GUESS Jeans launched a TikTok challenge that encouraged users to share their favorite jeans. This type of challenge encourages a sense of individuality and self-expression. Gen Z’s preference for flexibility and originality is also reflected in the Duet feature of TikTok. This feature allows users to make a short video in response to another user’s post. Using hashtags will allow brands to target the right audience.

Millennials and Gen Z use social media to inspire their buying decisions. This means that brands that don’t share their values will turn off Gen Z. They are also the most business-minded generation and often think about starting their own company. For many of them, this is a way to break free from the daily grind and burnout of the corporate world.

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